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King Radios KNG-P150 Accessories | Bendix king

KAA0602KAA0602 Cable kit for KAA0301

Cable Kit, Fused 10ft hard wire for KAA0301





KZA0558KZA0588 Intrinsically safe

Intrinsically Safe








KZA0577KZA0577 DES/AES Encyrption

DES / AES Encryption








KZA0578KZA0578 P-25 OTAR

P25 Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR)








KZA0579KZA0569 9600 Baud Trunking

P25 9600 Baud Trunking








KZA0581KZA0581 Multi Cast Voter Scan

Multi -Cast Vote Scan Plus










KZA0584KZA0584 Tactical OTAR

Wireless Tactical Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR) - Includes KZA0578 OTAR












Programming Accessories



KAA0587KAA0587 Keyloader cable KNG

Key Loader cable KNG






KAA0700KAA0700 Cloning cable

Cloning Cable






KAA0701KAA0701 Legacy/KNG Cloning cable

Legacy / KNG Cloning Cable





          KAA0710 KNG PC Programming cable

KNG Programming Cable







KAA0732KAA0732 KNG programming software





KAA0730KAA0730 KNG programming software






Software – KNG-P150 Editor includes trunking







 KAA0730 KNG programming software


Software  – KNG-P150S Editor

This software is for the "S" series only






Speaker Microphones and Headsets



KAA0200KAA0200 Speaker mic

Ruggedized Speaker Microphone









KAA0201KAA0201 Submersible Speaker mic

Submersible Microphone KNG











Side Connector KNG Hirose






KAA0220KAA0220 Earphone listen only 2.5mm

Earphone Listen Only 2.5 mm Black Loop












Two Wire Speaker Microphone





KAA0226KAA0226 Three wire mic

Three Wire Speaker Microphone






KAA0226AKAA0226A Acoustic tube w/ear tip

Acoustic Tube w/ clear Ear Tip







KAA0226 Requires one of the following:


Barrel PTT Button LP







Flat PTT Button LP





Ring PTT Button





 KAA0226ELKAA0226EL Large flexible ear insert

Large Flexible Ear Insert









 KAA0226EMKAA0226EM Medium flexible ear insert

Medium Flexible Ear Insert









 KAA0226ESKAA0226ES Small flexible ear insert

Small Flexible Ear Insert








 KAA0226ETKAA0226ET Ear tip flexible ear insert

Ear Tip Flexible Ear Insert






















Heavy Duty Behind the Head Headset







3.5mm Earpiece Receive Only












 Cable , Coiled, Molded, KAA0200, KNG-P (Replacement cable)











Cable, Strd, Molded, Unterminated, KNG-P












Battery Eliminator KNG-P






 KNG Owners Manual  







   KAA0001            KNG Service Manual





   KAA0001CD       KNG Service Manual on CD





    KAA0608           Cable kit service KNG